Researchers At Risk

“Researchers at Risk include researchers, scholars and scientists at all stages of their careers who are experiencing threats to their life, liberty or research career, and those who are forced to flee or have been displaced because of such threats.”

Definition provided by Inspireurope+

Researchers at Risk are encouraged to apply.

SyMeCo will support applications from those displaced by conflict or whose situation makes it difficult to pursue research careers during the application process and during their fellowship in Ireland.

Alternative application submission arrangements: applicants who are at risk/displaced by conflict and might require alternative submission arrangements are encouraged to discuss the support available to them with SyMeCo. In certain circumstances, applications submitted in hard copy may be accepted. However, alternative arrangements must be agreed upon with SyMeCo before the call deadline.

Application of the eligibility criteria appropriately to ensure researchers who have suspended their activities whilst seeking refugee status are not disadvantaged. For applicants who have applied for refugee status in Ireland, the time spent in the refugee status application process will not count as time resident in Ireland.

Tailored advice, guidance and support will be provided on a case-by-case basis. Please get in touch to discuss any additional support you might require.

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